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Introducing the infrastructures of the Competence Center SEASTAR - Sustainable Energy Applied Sciences, Technology & Advanced Research, where modern laboratories and specialized equipment meet the needs of scientists, researchers and industry professionals to develop and test technological solutions for energy transition (including hydrogen and green methane), environmental monitoring, new materials, carbon capture & utilization, electrical and geological storage.

Safety and sustainability drive the changes Located at Environment Park in Torino, SEASTAR is a multidisciplinary research and technology transfer hub where Politecnico di Torino and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) have teamed up to work together and tackle some of the most compelling challenges to successfully achieve a carbon-neutral and sustainable energy future.
Research Laboratories
Safety & Monitoring
The lab was built to test early detection of gas leaks and assess safety of offshore platforms used for production or injection of natural gas, CO2 or H2 for different environmental conditions (namely, wind intensity and direction).
Additional information on this facility is available here
Hp/Ht Hydrogen Lab
The lab was designed and built to implement an integrated, multidisciplinary approach for identification, analysis, characterization and simulation of physical, chemical, fluid dynamic and microbiological phenomena associated to Underground Hydrogen Storage.
Sustainable Future Technologies
The mission of the Advanced Materials for Sustainable Future Technologies Research is to develop materials with tailored properties for CO2 capture and conversion to valuable products as well as for efficient energy storage.
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